Terms & Conditions

Refunds Policy

Due to the nature of internet marketing, it not always possible to offer a full refund in a dispute. However, reasonable effort’s will be made by RowanSEO to issue a full refund in the following conditions:

  1. If the purchase was made in error and less than 48 hours has passed since the payment was received.
  2. If the work completed during the month is not as described during the initial conversation.
  3. If the cost of the work for the month was less than £100, or if the work was less than 2 hours in labour.

Therefore, if the work has been completed as reasonably described, is more than 2 hours work, or £100 in cost, and not made in error – only a partial refund will be made available in special circumstances.

The total amount of a partial refund will depend on the following conditions:

  1. The cost of the links that have been acquired during the month must be covered. If you paid £1499, and £500 was spent on links then the maximum refund would be £999.
  2. The cost of the labour that has been completed during the month must be covered. An hourly rate of £50 per hour of labour applies, with each individual task rounded upwards to the nearest half-hour.

Therefore, if a payment of £1499 was made and £500 spent on links, with 16 hours of labour – the partial refund would be £199. This is broken down as follows:

  • £1499 is the payment made.
  • £500 cost for the links acquired.
  • £800 cost for the labour used.
  • £1499 – £1300 = £199 refunded.


The nature of digital marketing means that two websites may require, respond, and react to different strategies with varying levels of success. Therefore, it’s impossible to determine the exact deliverable that each campaign will need for success. However, reasonable efforts will be made to analyse the needs to improve search performance.

The following items are considered deliverable products, which cost in labour. Whilst they may take shorter or longer, each item will be cut-off as follows:

  • On-Site Audit – this is rarely less than 4 hours in labour for a small site, but will be capped as 8 hours of labour for a large site. Therefore, even if it took 12 hours to complete, it would be charged as no more than 8 hours in labour.
  • Backlink Audit – the amount of time will vary depending on the size of your backlink profile and level of detail required. The maximum this will be charged for is 4 hours laber. Therefore, even if it took 5 hours to complete, it would be charged as no more than 4 hours.
  • Competitor Page Analysis – this will be charged as 1 hour of labour for each website audited.

Search Results

The nature of search engine optimisation is that the rankings vary on a daily basis. This is also accompanied by significantly larger changes to the algorithm on a less than yearly basis.

Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee that rankings will increase at all, or that these rankings will be permanent. There is no guarantee whatsoever that your website will increase positions in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine. 

Therefore, the money spent with RowanSEO is to cover the cost of marketing the website to editors, as well as the labour to analyse the website. A poor performance in ranking improvements or drops in positions will not be covered by RowanSEO.

Since these search engines are third party, and I have no control over your positions; I will not accept responsibility or liability over any damage or costs that are incurred as a result of search performance.

Unless otherwise agreed, any agreement between our two parties will by default accept, recognise and uphold these terms and conditions.

Algorithmic Penalties

The process of reaching out to editors and optimising anchors towards your website comes with a risk. This risk cannot be completely avoided, but reasonable steps are taken to reduce this risk.

Analysis of your website, your competitors, and the updates from Google will inform the decisions taken towards improving your website.

However, despite every reasonable step taken to assure your success, it is possible that this comes with a risk of penalty. By using this service or the advice on this website, you recognise and accept this risk and you are liable for any damages or costs to your own business, person, or associates.

  • Manual Penalty – in the case that your website receives a manual penalty within 90 days of your most recent payment; you will be entitled to a single Backlink Audit at absolutely no cost.
  • Algorithmic Penalty – in the case that your website receives an algorithmic penalty within 30 days of your most recent payment; you will be entitled to a single On-Site Audit at absolutely no cost.

General Terms

There is absolutely no guarantee that rankings will increase as a result of any suggestions or work completed by RowanSEO. You hold full liability and responsibility for your own finances, business, marketing campaign and costs.

There are absolutely no refunds on the grounds of poor performance. However, if both parties are unhappy with the campaign then a partial refund may be offered in special circumstances.

Last Updated: 06/08/2018