What is a Penguin Penalty?

A Penguin Penalty is a type of algorithmic penalty that is designed to target link manipulation in Google Search.

penalty visible from ahrefs

How can I check I have a Penguin Penalty?

The best way to check for any algorithmic penalty is through Google Analytics. Sudden drops in traffic that result in almost zero users each day are a good sign of punishment.

However, unlike manual penalties, there is no way to confirm this in Google Search Console.

Algorithmic Penalty in Google Analytics

How can I remove a Penguin Penalty?

To remove a penguin penalty, you will need to improve the quality of backlinks. This process begins by evaluating your link profile and then making some notable improvements.

The following tips will help you to clear low-quality links towards your site. However, there is no guarantee they will remove the penalty in all cases.

1. Check for porn links to your site.

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CSS Delivery in WP Rocket

2. Check for foreign links to your site.

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CTLD Distribution in AHREFS

3. Check for comment/blog spam links.

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CSS Delivery in WP Rocket

4. Check for anchor text manipulation.

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anchor text percentages

5. Check for link distribution.

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AHREFS best by links tool