What are Meta Keywords?

Meta keywords are an HTML tag that search engines used to understand a page. In recent years this has not been used by most search engines and can be avoided.

The code looks like this:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”insert keywords here, using commas, to separate, terms” />

How can I check my Meta Keywords?

To check your meta keywords, you can view the source code of each page. If you’re using Chrome then you can use the following shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + U for Windows
  • CMD + shift + U for Macintosh

This technique will help you to see the source code. Then you will need to search for name=”keywords” in the text. The values inside the content attribute are your page’s meta keywords.

Other tools exist that allow you to check multiple pages. For example, using Screaming Frog, you can review the meta keywords for all your pages with ease.

Filtering Keywords in Screaming Frog

Should I use Meta Keywords?

Some newcomers or self-proclaimed experts will continue to use meta keywords regardless. However, it is confirmed by Google as not a ranking factor. It’s very likely that there’s no HTML parsing for meta keywords.

However, since meta keywords have a history of manipulation, it’s safest to avoid altogether. Disabling them on your website will have no negative impact on modern search engines.