What is Javascript Object Notation?

Javascript Object Notation is a unique way to implement your structured data. Instead of applying directly to the HTML, it placed inside of the <head> element.

This makes JSON the most accessible markup to both implement and read. If you’ve never done HTML markup before, then JSON is an easy way to learn and begin implementing structured data.

A simple tool to use is the Schema App, which helps you generate the code without any experience of Javascript.

JSON-LD Example from Schema.org

How can I check my JSON-LD?

The easiest way to check structured data is by using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. Directly input a URL or copy and paste your code, and it will notify you of any errors, warnings and suggestions.

The most common errors are to do with the formatting of the code. Tools that automatically generated structured data can often include mistakes. An excellent example of this is missing required fields such as the name of a product, or bad formatting of JSON code.

The most frequent warnings include other useful data for the object type. An excellent example is suggestions for GTIN or SKU codes on the product markup.

Breadcrumbs in Structured Data Testing Tool

How can I fix my JSON-LD?

This is a definition of what critical render paths are, and how they’re useful

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