Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Updates

Due to the internet’s rapidly evolving nature, it is necessary that I update my privacy policy from time-to-time.

When this happens, a notice will be provided and the changes can be found here.

Information Collection and Use

Whilst Rowan SEO remains a free service and requires no login details, some data is tracked for performance and marketing reasons. This data is collected to help target the content towards the right audience.

The use of contact forms and email to my address will be stored in my mailboxes. Whilst every reasonable effort is made to secure your data – there is always a potential risk to submitting data in forms. Please avoid sending any sensitive data through these forms.

I will never request your password or login details on my website, so please never submit or send these details to me.

Children’s Privacy

The content of this website is intended for adults that are 18, or older. There is no data collected that will identify the user, but I strongly encourage caution. If you are a child and visiting this website, it is suggested that you receive consent from an adult.

Aggregate Information

This website collects data around the total number of visitors to the site, which pages are being visited, ip addresses, external links clicked, and search terms on this website.

This data is aggregated and not used to target specific individuals data or information. This is to help understand the composition of our audience.

I also collect aggregated demographic data. This helps to identify the gender, age group, and various characteristics of my audience. This is not used to restrict or change the content for the end user, but to help improve the site experience for those demographics.

Links to Third Party Sites

There are many websites that are linked to from this blog. This does not constitute an endorsement for these websites, but for the benefit of the user they are interlinked.

Therefore, the content of these links is not controlled, regulated, or benefitting from the external links. It is not possible to know the exact contents of these pages at all times, and so any damage caused by visiting these websites is wholly their responsibility.


Where possible, I have made the website as secure as I could. This should help to protect your data and prevent any harm to the end user. However, despite our best efforts there are numerous hacking attempts made by spammers each day.

It is therefore advised to closely monitor your account details, and provide your own level of security to protect your finance and wellbeing.
Last Updated: 06/08/2018