About Rowan

Raised in Peterborough, I grew up like any kid with football and video games. When I moved to Canada in 2005, I started playing a game called StarCraft.

This game allowed for custom maps to be designed, using simple coding. This started me down a path of learning flash, html, css, java, and php at the age of 15. Then, I returned to the United Kingdom and took my path down Music Technology Specialism – graduating with 1:1 honours from University of West London.

I secured a job working in sales for one of the UK’s leading audio equipment retailers, where eventually I was moved over to the eCommerce department to apply my coding background in website design and SEO ranking. Shortly after is when I made the move to SUSO Digital, in 2016.

Rowan Collins

Why choose Rowan

I am analytical. The best way to do SEO is to constantly test and review the data – helping you to get the advantage.

I get consistent results. When looking for long term growth, you need small refinements that make an impact.

I am a content expert. I specialise in the field of understanding content and users – a great advantage for long term SEO.

Character Testimonials

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“Working with Rowan is easy and straightforward. Freelance writing can sometimes feel like a rushed guessing game, but he’s always on-hand for task clarifications and, when I need extra time, is great at managing the client to allow for that. Because of Rowan’s diligence, I have genuinely enjoyed our projects together.”