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Charles Floate

Charles Floate

Founder of SEO AI

“Rowan is one of the best and most adaptive technical SEOs I have ever met. He is one of a select few that has a genuine technical intuition that allows him to immediately spot issues on a site that would take others hours of research to find.

I’m sure he will go far in the industry and has already shown his prowess with several fantastic case studies that show his ability to rank for competitive terms on restricted budgets.”

Rad Paluszak

Rad Paluszak

Director of SEO at SUSO Digital

“I’ve worked with Rowan since April 2017 and I can definitely say that this guy will always over-deliver on what’s been promised. Also there’s probably no one else I know who can ensure Rowan’s level of on-page optimisation. An absolute monster if it comes to attention to detail!”

James Dooley

James Dooley

Founder of FatRank

“I have used Rowan to deliver some great comprehensive website audits. He did a stellar job of breaking down the technical and content issues.

The audit included tons of actionable tasks about what was wrong, and why it’s important. It also gave our team instructions on what to implement to improve it moving forward.

The most advanced site audit overview I have found in the marketplace and highly recommend Rowan because his technical skills are next level.”

eCommerce SEO Results

This campaign has had many issues with ranking in the past. The US version was penalised, causing the AU version to rank instead. Therefore, a full monthly campaign was required.

Through constant link building, content analysis, and user optimisations we managed to remove all penalties and see a huge increase in traffic.

eCommerce SEO

Local SEO Results

This website had been designed as an online brochure, making it hard to crawl and difficult to rank.

By improving the crawl efficiency, content quality, and building highly authoritative links – we managed to reverse a penalty and double their traffic.

eCommerce SEO Client Results